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Is this a bug in grep, or is it me...

I am trying to grep the override file for the section for debhelper. I am
using the "whole word" option (-w), but this is what I get:

$ grep -w debhelper override.potato
debhelper       optional        devel
hello-debhelper optional        devel

In the man page, under the -w option, it says that, in order to match, the
string must be either at the beginning of the line, or preceeded by a
non-word contituent character, which it declares as letters, digits, and
the underscore.

The hyphon at the ned of hello in "hello-debhelper" isn't any of these,
but grep declares it to match anyway! Is this something to do with the
form of my expression?

Any information will be greatfully appreciated,

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