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Re: {R,I[INEW]}TP: free ssh [non-US]

James Troup <james@nocrew.org> writes:

> Hi,
> OpenBSD have started working on the last free SSH (1.2.12 was under a
> DFSG free license AFAICT[1]), they also, (again AFAICT [I'm going by
> the CVS commits]), are ripping out the patented algrothims (IDEA,
> etc.).  Unfortunately, I'm chronically busy with work and haven't had
> time to look into it, but all the signs look very good (they appear to
> have added it as part of their base system, for example).

Damn, I thought I knew ssh had been free at one point, but when I
noticed the non-free license in the late teens, I obviously failed to
go back far enough to find the free version.

Anyway, I'll take it, given that I do ssh anyway it should be little
extra hassle (unless anyone thinks that Data Fellows could use that as
an excuse for calling any work I do as copyright infringement, but
that doesn't strike me as likely)

I'll probably end up calling the new package ssh-free

Cheers, Phil.

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