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Re: {R,I[INEW]}TP: free ssh [non-US]

At 09:55 +0100 1999-10-01, Philip Hands wrote:
James Troup <james@nocrew.org> writes:
OpenBSD have started working on the last free SSH (1.2.12 was under a
DFSG free license AFAICT[1]), they also, (again AFAICT [I'm going by
the CVS commits]), are ripping out the patented algrothims (IDEA,
etc.).  Unfortunately, I'm chronically busy with work and haven't had
time to look into it, but all the signs look very good (they appear to
have added it as part of their base system, for example).

Damn, I thought I knew ssh had been free at one point, but when I
noticed the non-free license in the late teens, I obviously failed to
go back far enough to find the free version.
I'll probably end up calling the new package ssh-free

Note that OpenBSD is also ripping out support for pretty much any other other OS as they go, and using library functions that are OpenBSD-specific.
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