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{R,I[INEW]}TP: free ssh [non-US]


OpenBSD have started working on the last free SSH (1.2.12 was under a
DFSG free license AFAICT[1]), they also, (again AFAICT [I'm going by
the CVS commits]), are ripping out the patented algrothims (IDEA,
etc.).  Unfortunately, I'm chronically busy with work and haven't had
time to look into it, but all the signs look very good (they appear to
have added it as part of their base system, for example).

So, I tentatively announce a preliminary ITP, pending confirming that
their hacked version is indeed DSFG free.  _But_, I'd much rather
someone with more free time would do it instead.  So, please, someone
else (who doesn't live in the USA) have a look/go...

Source is, of course, available from OpenBSD.  CVS or FTP, see
www.openbsd.org for a mirror near you.

[Yes, I know about lsh, but from what I've heard from people who track
it, it's not ready for prime time.]


[1] Please, don't bring up the red herring of that being v. old and
that there have been security fixes... this is OpenBSD, they've
fixed/are fixing them :)

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