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Re^4: strange behavior of dh_dhelp

Am 28.09.99 schrieb martin # internet-treff.uni-koeln.de ...

Moin Martin!

MB> Marco> localhost/doc/ should point to /usr/share/doc. Please submit a
MB> Marco> bug report for your http daemon.
MB> The decision was made by the ctte, it is not yet implemented in the
MB> policy document, but it will be soon.

Maybe somebody should email such documents to the maintainers of packages  
like dhelp. I#ve never received a copy of the decision. How should I  
support it?

MB> There is no requirement for Potato, that all packages support the
MB> latest policy. policy 2.4.x is still allowed.

Great, really great. This will cause all kinds of problems.

MB> And these have the docs
MB> in /usr/doc.

Ok, then Debian 2.2 will be broken. And the next releases will have the  
same problems, because we still allow policy 2.4 packages without any  
symlinks. So it won#t be possible to install Debian 2.2 and 2.3 packages  
on one system with a working documentation.

MB> With the decision on the /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc
MB> transition, every packages docs are accessable through
MB> /usr/doc/package.

Wrong. Symlinks don#t work with http.

MB> What do you demand for the short time, until the revised policy is
MB> released? All packages using the symlink have to remove him? Lintian
MB> must not report a missing symlink? Debhelper has to cease installing
MB> this link?

If you ask me:

  (1) All packages of Debian 2.2 must use /usr/share/doc. Otherwise we
      will have the same problems in Debian 2.3, when the user reads
      the documentation via /usr/share/doc.
  (2) All packages provides /usr/doc links.
  (3) http://localhost/doc/ points to /usr/share/doc, the user
      use /usr/share/doc instead of /usr/doc.

This is a clean solution and not such a hack like the descripted decision.

MB> My god, Marco, show some reason.

  (a) symlinks don#t work with the http protocol
  (b) old policy allowed -> problems in Debian 2.3.

cu, Marco

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