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Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate funct

On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 11:13:53AM -0700, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> Ok, let's bring this back to implementation.  How would you propose we handle
> this?  Currently daemons install, set themselves up, and begin running.
> a) we can prompt.
> b) we leave everything off and let the admin turn it on (not an option for
> obvious reasons)
> c) first come first serve -- first daemon installed does its job, the rest
> install unconfigured

How about this:

The install program will scan the list of installed programs, and for each
package that Provides: service, it will offer a choice of which to configure
by default.

Perhaps it could look like this:

You have selected 4 programs that Provide: pop-server.
[0] configure none
[1] configure qpopper
[2] configure pop3d
[3] configure magicpop
[4] configure sillypopd
[a] configure all
Enter the numbers of which to configure now:

Before complaining about 'Debian asks too many questions' -- my view is, if
not answering the questions holds up the package copying and such, as it
does now, yes debian does ask too many questions. If some set of sensible
questions were asked first, and all the rest delayed until the end of
package copying, then no, debian does not ask too many questions. :)

As for actually implementing this thing, I am hoping debconf is this good.
I will give it a shot when it stabilizes a bit (eg, fewer updates per week..

Comments/suggestions/flames welcome.

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