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Re: [Q] Use gcc272 to compile package for potato?

Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@netscape.com> wrote:

> I have gcc (2.95.2-0pre2) and gcc272 ( installed on my potato
> machine.  The powertweak package that I recently uploaded (0.1.2-3) was
> compiled with gcc 2.95.X   As many of you have noticed, the powertwek inary
> compiled with 2.95.X segfaults.

> I tried various things (including -fno-strict-aliasing).  All of them
> result in a binary with the same problem.  On a whim I compiled with gcc272
> and the package works fine without any segfaults.

> Here is the question.  Can potato contain binaries compiled with gcc272?

IMHO you should try to find the reason for it if at all possible, and only
consider gcc272 as a last resort.
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