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Re: possible problem with new perl, libc6 on Sep 23rd

Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:
> I inherited this when I inherited the package in November of 1995.  It
> was setup this way so that after the removal of the previous Perl
> package and before the installation of a new Perl package, there was
> still a Perl available.  Since we always needed a Perl, we wanted to
> avoid that small window.
> I notice that bash doesn't do any shenanigans like this.  Is this a
> relic of bygone days and I don't need to do this funky stuff anymore?
> That would make things much easier for me.

It's my understanding that dpkg is (and always has been) designed so this
kind of thing isn't necessary. As I understand it, when a package is
upgraded, for each file, dpkg does this:

- extracts new file as .dpkg-new
- if it can, atomically overwrites the old file with the .dpkg-new file
- if not (replacing directory with file, etc), renames the old file to
  .dpkg-old, and renames .dpkg-new to the final filename
- removes .dpkg-old file

Nowhere in there do I see any time at all when some version of the file is
not available.

see shy jo

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