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Re: anarchism_7.7-1.deb

> In my understanding the bible packages belong into contrib *at
> best*, since it's value to the public is at least questionable if not
> offensive to muslims, buddhists(no not to them), hindus ...
youre trying to be politically correct
yuck !
i hoped for higher level of discusion than in
equal-rights-for-black-jewish-not-so-proficient-women comittee
of parliament

> As an alternative I might decide to get at a digital version of Karl
> Marx's "Das Kapital" or Mao's "Little Red Book" and package it for
> debian just for fun. Either have to go into non-us I presume :)
bible is needed as sometimes usuful example of utility of
browser is Good and shouldnt be thrown away from debian
because of someone's ideology
'LIttle Red Book' is good idea
I suggest also 'Mein Kampf'
both books are under censure in many countries and
we should give world some freedom more

> > btw : im atheist
> Please define in private mail, dunno wether I'm atheist, antitheist,
> agnostic or simply a pagean. In our culture definitions of these terms
> mostly come from the other side.

This means I think there is NO god at all nor anything similar

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