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Re: boot-floppies status from an insider (was Re: Deficiencies in Debian)

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Here's my unofficial boot-floppies TODO:
>   * build for all supported arches
>   * eliminate all dselect acquisition methods aside from apt and 
>     possibly mountable (for NFS, which apt doesn't handle -- socks
>     also not handled by apt but I don't know if we care)
>   * GUI for apt's sources.list configuration
>   * GUI for tasks/profiles (see above)
>   * better lilo configuration (borrow from slackware perhaps?)
>   * close bugs!
>   * nifty stuff like TFTP and and serial console installation should be
>     supported on all possible architectures
>     (TFTP images may require some software in Debian which is not currently
>      available)

Do we still want to support very old hardware, especially low memory system
(eg. some old sparc, and maybe old 386, 486 as well) ?
In this case, we need to add a "swap on NFS" patch to the kernel.
I found one patch for 2.0.35 (sparc) kernel.  And for 2.2, NBD could be used
along with a patch to the networking subsystem
I will try to build bootdisks for sparc based on them.

>   * update documentation (too early to do this)

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