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Re: A few changes

Darren Benham <owner@bugs.debian.org> wrote:
> In the new software, the X-Debian-CC was changed to X-Debbugs-CC (more
> general) and it appears to be working.

With an alias so that X-Debian-CC still works?

> Some of the perl scripts have been made -w clean.

and `use strict;' clean?

> Bugs are no longer deleted!!!  We don't have a way for you to access them
> directly but there's an "official" location in the database where they're
> being archived.  We're trying to decide how to serve them up... by
> requesting a bug number, obviously, but any other way?  Do we need them
> index by maintainer or package?  Remember, these are closed -- solved --
> bugs.

Add them to the end of the package pages in the resolved section.

> All @bugs.debian.org will accept PGP/GPG clearsigned and most forms of mime
> formated email.  Most?  Let me put it this way, I havn't found one that it
> barfs on but I'm sure there's some evil MUA that will prove it's not
> perfect.

Does anything special happen if the a message is signed?

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