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Re: fds_bits

On Fri, Sep 17, 1999 at 04:34:44AM +0800, Paul Harris wrote:
> compiler error: 
> vrweb-1.5/src/common/Dispatch/fdmask.C:99: `fds_bits' undeclared (first
> use this function)
> problem code:
> 	if (fds_bits[i]) {
> declaration in sys/types.h: 
> /usr/include/bits/types.h:  __fd_mask fds_bits[__FD_SETSIZE / __NFDBITS];
> (there are a few other references, but i think this is the key one)
> does anyone know what i'm supposed to do with this fds_bits thing?

The excerpt from bits/types.h is part of the typedef struct __fd_set.
The code from your fdmask.C looks like an actual variable reference.

I'm not sure why you have a reference to an undefined variable.  I just
know that types.h isn't going to be declaring that variable for you.


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