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hi again,

thanks Ray for the netinet-includes tips: that bit is compiling nicely now

now, i'm having problems with some fds_bits thingy. what is it used for
and where is it defined? i thought it was in sys/types.h, but the compiler
doesn't seem to see the declaration (little ambiguous to me).

compiler error: 
vrweb-1.5/src/common/Dispatch/fdmask.C:99: `fds_bits' undeclared (first
use this function)

problem code:
	if (fds_bits[i]) {

declaration in sys/types.h: 
/usr/include/bits/types.h:  __fd_mask fds_bits[__FD_SETSIZE / __NFDBITS];
(there are a few other references, but i think this is the key one)

does anyone know what i'm supposed to do with this fds_bits thing?

thanks :)

ps this is (i think) the last thing standing in the way of the "first"
clean compile! then the debugging begins!

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