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RE: Increasing regularity of build systems

On 14-Sep-99 David N. Welton wrote:
> Hi, while working on the ARM port, I've begun to become frustrated
> with the IMO, not entirely necessary diversity in our "rules" files.
> It would be nice if more packages built as if you were running a
> regular make, instead of restarting from the beginning (running
> ./configure again), and in a more consistent manner.

For the silly x86 maintainers among us (myself included), what can we do to
make the porters' lives better?

> It would also be nice to try and keep these files a bit more
> 'standard', with as little obfuscated bourne shell scripting as
> possible:-) Joey Hess' debhelper scripts are a good API, maybe it
> would be good to standardize on them to some degree.

Not a bad idea, although many people seem to insist on writing their own code.

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