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Re: Sponsor wanted [What are you interested in ?]

> As I takes a very long time to get registered as an Official Debian
> Developer, Raphael Hertzog proposed a solution that is sponsorship. This 
> solution seems to have been well accepted among all developers.
> However, after posting this message yesterday, noone took care of it.
> How can I explain it ? Are people not interested in my packages ? Does
> Debian have already enough developers ? Do you all fear new bugs ?

you know how long it takes me sometimes to just keep semi current with email?
I scan titles for what looks important, then when (if) I find some extra time
I go back over emails and read further.  I'm sure others are like me (some
worse).  We all have priorities...and response time.  This is an open project
where nobody get's paid. (uless your uber elite lucky fewls like some...)

you can't expect an answer in just a day...(or at all). :)  There are over
500 maintainers...of those only a few (most likely) of them might be interested
in your package...(I'm not sure since I haven't ad the time to check what
your package is since you didn't say what it was in the email..which requires
me to spend the time to go look).

yes I'm whining..it takes time.  Time which is valuable to me...between work
and what I do in my free time I have no time.  I get over committed then I
start not getting sthings done and failing on my committments.  this sucks...
so please forgive me if I and others didn't jump in and go check out your
package and respond in a prompt manner.

> So, yes, I'll be happy to become an official developer but if noone
> reacts to what (I think) is important, I'll sure give up and you'll
> lose, once again, a motivated contributor.

Someone will react..just not in what (you think) is an appropriate time span.

I waited way too long (IMO) to become an official developer.  But I had
to deal with people who were busy...and I was not a priority for them.  Which
is very true...and has to be.  Debian is definatly not my priority in life.
my job is and my family are.  then somewhere after that is me. :)

Please rest assured that if there is someone interested in your package that
they will talk to you.

Also please keep in mind that if you had enclosed more information in the
email about it (I don't remember seing anything beyond a url) you might get
more of a response in a faster amount of time.


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