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Re: Sponsor wanted [What are you interested in ?]

On Tuesday 14 September 1999, at 9 h 1, the keyboard of "J r me Marant" 
<jerome_marant@hotmail.com> wrote:

> However, after posting this message yesterday, noone took care of it.

What a shame! Already one full day and still no reply. How lazy we are.

> How can I explain it ? Are people not interested in my packages ? Does
> Debian have already enough developers ? Do you all fear new bugs ?

May be because they don't use the software and/or know nothing about the 
techniques it uses? I would not sponsor a package written in Python, for 
instance, because I don't know enough about Python.

> So, yes, I'll be happy to become an official developer but if noone
> reacts to what (I think) is important, I'll sure give up and you'll
> lose, once again, a motivated contributor.

I don't think this sort of blackmailing will convince Martin Schulze to reopen new-maintainer...

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