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Re: Quality Assurance in Debian

"I take" this unnumbered task:

Raphael Hertzog <rhertzog@hrnet.fr> writes:
> Actually what I need is a much better main page for the QA web site :
> http://tux.u-strasbg.fr/~raphael/qa/
> I need a text explaining how people can work for debian-qa. Basically it
> should explain :
> - subscribe to debian-qa
> - choose a task on the web site
> - update the website with a simple command to the bot
>   "I take <task_num>"
>   This way we know that someone is working on it
> - work on the task, once the job has been done, mark the task
>   as "patch available". Command to send to the bot :
>   "patch <task_num>"
> - grab another task and start again. :)
> I'd like to have a little text explaining what we expect from maintainers.
> A text describing the job of a "good" maintainer. This is something that
> we don't have (the developers reference is much more about technical
> considerations). It could say things like :
> - take contact with the upstream author
> - cooperate with the upstream author
> - always respond to a bug report, everybody must be able to know what you
>   plans to do with this bug report
> - correct bug reports rapidly if possible (ask help upstream if needed)
> - always follow the latest policy
> - do what is needed to correct /rapidly/ release critical bugs
> - orphan the package as soon as you can't do everything mentionned
>   above
> I need also a more complete documentation of the bots. One bot is for 
> the committee or the other bot if for everybody. Here are the command
> recognized by this bot :
> ----
> patch <task-id> [{yes|no|true|false|1|0}]
> reassign <task-id> <package>
> description <task-id> The new description
> submit-date <task-id> YYYY-MM-DD
> patch-date <task-id> YYYY-MM-DD
> done <task-id> [{yes|no|true|false|0|1}]
> i take <task-id>
> taken by <task-id> Firstname Name <login@home.com>
> never-ending <task-id> [{yes|no|true|false|1|0}]
> progress <task-id> <an integer between 0 and 100>
> priority <task-id> <an integer>
> bugs <task-id> <bug number 1> <bug number 2> ...
> meta-task <task-id> <task-id of the meta-task>
> help needed for <package> [{yes|no|true|false|1|0}]
> orphan <package> [{yes|no|true|false|1|0}]
> long description <task-id> <<EOF
> This is a long
>    ....
>       description.
> status <task-i> <<EOF
> This task is mostly completed but we have
> still some issues ...
> thanks
> end
> <task-id> is an integer eventually preceded by a '#'.
> <package> is the name of a package.
> For the HTML ouput of the long description and of the status,
> please note that an empty line will be replaced by <P> and
> that the URLs will automatically be clickable.
> ----

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