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Matt Welsh on Debian


   Linuxcare: You make various references to Debian throughout the book.

   Matt: I was a member of the original Debian team. I invented dpkg,
   or the first version of it, which looked nothing like what it looks
   like now. But one of the reasons that I didn't continue working on
   Debian was because at the time there was so-much infighting between
   the members of the team that it was impossible to make any
   progress. There was no Linus Torvalds saying "this is bad, this is
   bad, this is good."  There was no dictator. I don't know if they
   ever solved that problem or not, but that is part of my experience
   with the Debian project. They are great idealists, but pragmatism
   sometimes has to step in. But I don't want to start a flame war
   between the distributions because I think that they are all good. I
   was checking out Debian.org the other day and I was pretty amazed
   at how organized it was. It was a far cry from its earlier days.


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