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Re: Debian's problems

> Neglecting to open up unstable for development after a freeze will *not*
> speed up release cycles. Think about it. A very large group of debian's
> developers are highly specialized. If you take away their work, many of them
> would sit idle until unstable *did* finally get rolling.
>   It's not like we can dictate where people will spend their time in debian.
> If you take away someone's freedom, he will most likely just sit on his
> hands.

Hands up everyone who dislikes debugging, and given the choice would rather
fiddle about than debug.
IMHO, majority of people prefer to code than debug.
Hence, freezing will get some people to debug who otherwise might not...

I don't know whether freezing would cause more people to sit on their hands
than it would cause to debug - I only mention the other side of the coin.


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