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Re: Deficiencies in Debian

>  . Policy changes
>    It is unclear how policy changes affect packages.  The changelog
>    within debian-policy*.deb is (imho) not detailed enough to tell Joe
>    Clueless Maintainer what he needs to change in his package other
>    than s/2\.4\.0\.0/ in debian/control to create a package
>    complient with the current policy.
>    It's even unclear which policy packages have to support for potato.
>    It's also unclear what will happen to packages that are not policy
>    complient.

As far as non policy-compliant packages, they inherit bugs. Packages with
bugs of greater importance than 'Normal' get yanked from the distribution
upon release, IIRC. Of course, this is hearsay.

The last two points I can't deal with, but the first I can. I will volunteer
time to writing a script that will diff standards versions, and display them
with changes highlighted. Perhaps I could set this up to yank context in and
  What would people like to see something like this in? Stylized HTML?
elisp? If it's not something too exotic, I could start on it right away. My
personal preference would be stylized HTML, because then we could run it on
one of debian's webservers for all to see.

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