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NOT done!

WHY is this bug marked "done"???

There is NO explanation, nor has the problem been fixed!

Please explain!

 > Subject: Bug#42295: marked as done (console-apt: Suggests, Recommends, Depends, Provides ...)
 > Message-ID: <handler.42295.D42295.9368231016983.ackdone@bugs.debian.org>
 > In-Reply-To: <XFMail.990908163819.z@amused.net>
 > References: <XFMail.990908163819.z@amused.net> <E11B0pv-0000qe-00@phoenix.overdue.net>
 > X-Debian-PR-Message: closed 42295

Closing a bug with NO explanation and without fixing the problem is very wrong.

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