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someone wants to provide a Hurd box for all developers?


people start asking me if there is a Debian GNU/Hurd box available, so they
can port their packages. This is a terrible good idea, because the Hurd is
quite a different beast and many upstream software does not compile out of
the box.

Unfortunately, I am not in a condition to provide either hardware nor
bandwidth for it. The best I can do is offer remote administration of such a
box (software updates etc).

I don't know how many developers are interested in this, but I don't think
that it would require a terrible lot of bandwidth. However, the hurd is a
bit picky about memory. There should be a good deal of RAM in it (at least
48, better 64 MB) and some swap area. Beside that, about 1 or 2 Gb of disk
space would be quite sufficient.

The purpose of the machine would be solely for individual developers to
test and compile their packages on the Hurd.


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