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[NOTICE] Final test version of login and passwd packages available

This is a final call for testing on the new login and passwd packages
from the shadow source. The 19990827-0.3 version is available at:


You will need the latest libpam 0.69-3, which is currently in Incoming
on master and is scheduled to be dinstall'd tomorrow.

Major changes from the last test version include lots of minor quirks
in the new source and it's interaction with PAM. Also a load of
documentation in the /etc/pam.d/ files for each service as to doing
the old shadow things The PAM Way(tm). It also includes some postinst
checks to make sure the admin knows what is changing _only_ if they
have used an obsoleted conffile that is no longer used (since PAM now
does it) and how to go about reconfiguring for that functionality.

I have also made the passwd package not compile with PAM support on
Hurd since libpam is not even ported yet and is very untested (at the
request of Marcus Brinkman). The login package is not built for Hurd.

PLEASE test this thoroughly. I have had not real complaints thus far,
and if I hear none after dinstall runs tomorrow, I will upload this
as version 19990827-1 and it will be installed on Monday's dinstall


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