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Re: Kernel compilation and gcc272

Matthias Klose writes:
 > Yann Dirson writes:
 >  > Matthias Klose writes:
 >  >  > I have been told that some modules do not compile due to
 >  >  > invalid asm statements. Are there other problems that gcc-2.95.1
 >  >  > cannot compile 2.2.x kernels?
 >  > 
 >  > I had some compile/asm failure which I don't remember - then I changed
 >  > gcc to gcc272.  Cannot tell much more.
 > Yes, but because of some not yet fixed modules, you should not have to 
 > fall back to gcc272. How critical are these modules? Kernels are
 > recompiled for several reasons (Laptops, Sound, ...). If these modules 
 > are rather unused then it would be acceptable to use gcc as default compiler.

Well, I think we'd rather keep the safer way to be the default, and
document the not-yet-fully-debugged one as an alternative, so that
people using our beloved OS do not end shooting themselves in the foot
without even knowing there is a loaded gun in the "black box" we hand
them :)

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