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RFC: MasqMail MTA worth packaging ?

MasqMail (http://merlin.uni-sw.gwdg.de/~okurth/masqmail/) is a free MTA
targetted at small networks/single hosts without a permanent internet

   "MasqMail is a mail server designed for hosts that do not have a
   permanent internet connection eg. a home network or a single host at
   home. It has special support for connections to different ISPs. It
   replaces sendmail or other MTAs such as qmail or exim.

   MasqMail is released under the GPL license."

The description sounds quite interesting for my purposes, it's exactly what
I wanted to have. I'm not very familar with our MTA's: Can something similar
be done with e.g. exim or postfix without too much fuss, or would this be a
reasonable addition to our range of MTA's ?


   "How it works

   When offline, MasqMail queues all mail with a destination outside of the
   local network. When you connect to the internet, masqmail will be called
   with a connection name as an argument. MasqMail then sends the queued
   mail to the configured mailserver for that ISP. If there is no mail
   server for that ISP, MasqMail can also send the mails directly to their

   For each ISP different return addresses can be configured. This makes it
   possible to get around spam traps which desire your return address to be
   from the same domain as the host the mail is coming from. This is not a
   problem if you always connect to a single ISP, but is one if you use
   different ones from time to time. It also makes it possible to configure
   your mailer to a return address on your local network which maybe totally
   unknown outside. So delivery failure messages originating on your local net
   can be sent directly to you, while those that occur outside will be sent to
   the configured address. (Note that the return path is different from the
   From: address or the Reply-to: address. You can still have a single address
   where you want replys to be sent to).

   When offline, MasqMail behaves just like any other ordinary mail server
   (with a few limitations, but these will be fixed in the future)."

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