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Re: Strategy: DNS server in main for potato?

On 9 Sep 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

> IMO it would be precipitate to go from having no package to making
> DENTS the default, in two months.
> If we get a reasonably full featured version of DENTS into potato, as
> an alternative to the default (which will presumably be the last free
> version of bind) then the brave use dents on their potato systems,
> which will get the bug reports flowing in.
> We can contemplate promoting it to being the default in potato+1,
> depending upon people's experiences, without inflicting a possibly
> buggy name server on our general user population.

This sounds reasonable to me, more so than the prospect of throwing
Dents into a stable release two months before it comes out.  I suspect
that you'd be better off with an old bind release (the one from your
last stable release + security fixes) than with Dents for November.

However, this episode does reinforce the dangers of relying exclusively
on bind.  Vixie has publically contemplated taking bind development
commercial, and there's nothing in the license stopping him from doing so.
I would very much like the chance for the dents team to work with debian
to see if we can't get dents ship shape and ready for real use, if not
in November, then soon.

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