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Re: Suggestion: Post-installation README file (Was: The problem of core classes for Java compilers)

"Sarel J. Botha" wrote:
  >On Thu, Sep 09, 1999 at 12:16:39AM -0400, Daniel Barclay wrote:
  >> There no standard /usr/doc/<package>/README (or README.debian) that
  >> you can count on. 
  >I've noticed the same thing. eg.
  >- PostgreSQL doesn't start with -i (allows TCP connects). You have to edit
  >  /etc/postgresql/postmaster.init to enable that. (I think postmaster.init
  >  is Debian specific)
/usr/doc/postgresql/README.Debian says:
Configuration of the backend is done by editing the configuration file

Access control is first of all governed by whether the postmaster uses
the -i option (which allows TCP/IP connections).  If this option is
not used, only Unix socket connections are used; which limits access to
processes running on the same machine.  Next, the configuration file
/etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf allows a finer-grained control of access
by user and by host.

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