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Warning with dupload: 'Uploaded' mail messages

You may have remarked many duplicate messages on debian-devel-changes: one for the uploading and one for the actual installation of any package.

The first one is sent by dupload (other programs can be used for uploading and are not discussed here) and the second by the last version of dinstall.

dupload has the ability (and it's the default) to *not* sent the uploading message if it detects it uploads to master (or to a host which will forward to master, like erlangen). This is to avoid duplicate messages.

However, this depends on the configuration variable dinstall_runs. It is set by default in the shipped /etc/dupload.conf. Apparently, the most common reason for unsetting it is to redeclare the entire $cfg{master} Perl hash in your ~/.dupload.conf. This is probably a bad idea in most cases. Instead, you should override only specific fields like in:

$cfg{master}{"cc"} = "myself\@debian.org";

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