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Re: dpkg --build broken?

In article <[🔎] 19990909004605.A30958@w3.org> you wrote:

> I updated my system (lastest libc, etc) and found the following problem:
> 'dpkg --build' doesn't record the correct path.

The upstream tar source changed behaviour.  The dpkg build stuff has a command
line that does something akin to "tar cf - .", where the "." is the issue.  In
previous versions of tar, the leading "./" was stripped.  I gather from the
upstream  maintainer that this was the source of several problems.  Regardless,
the latest tar source does *not* mangle paths, it uses exactly what you tell

> Am I the only one having this problem?

What problem are you actually having?  Is the leading "./" causing an
observable problem with a Debian package other than lintian?

The paths are equivalent, and I haven't seen anything other than lintian that 
has a real problem... and I helped define a fix for lintian a few hours ago 
that will hopefully result in a lintian upload shortly.

Unless something *really* evil comes up, I think the right reaction to this 
is to accept that the upstream tar behaviour has changed, and deal with it.


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