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On 6 Sep 1999, Daniel Burrows wrote:

> I was looking around their website a little, and it looks like they use CORBA
> as the mechanism for controlling and reconfiguring the server.  I don't know
> if this bothers you or not :) 

Well, I designed it, so it doesn't bother me.  8^)  In all seriousness,
the ORBit dependency bothers our main coder, Johannes Erdfelt, and I
have promised him that you will always be able to build Dents without
the control facility and its associated dependencies.  It's just a
configure option, and I would have no problem with the debian version
having the ctlfac turned off if Debian so prefers.

> I wouldn't say that this makes it depend on
> Gnome, though, and glib certainly isn't a Gnome dependency.

We have drawn a lot of inspiration from Gnome; I'm the original GNOME
FAQ author, and I've learned a lot by watching the project progress.
I have planned a GNOME GUI client to our control facility.  However,
the only mandatory external dependency that we have is on glib, and
although it's difficult to predict the future, I personally have no
intention of adding any more such dependencies, and I know of no
other developer who desires as much.

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