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I would like to thank those who showed me how to use the apt method
inside of dselect to grab the xfreee86 3.3.3 packages for slink. I now
have a working x server for my Matrox G200.

This was the first time I tried to install ANYTHING via the net and it
really is one of debian's slicker features.  I did have a few problems
though.  First of all, dselect found some 13mb of packages to download,
some of which were upgrades (security?) for slink.  On a 28.8 modem
connection this took a little more than 1.5 hours.  (Boy do I wish I
had a cable modem or xdsl!)  So I can't really try to do a complete
install at one sitting, just grab a few packages.  The second problem
was that 6 of the 36 packages downloaded timed out in the middle. 
Dselect then dumped me into the first screen, and did not unpack or
install anything.  Somehow I figured out that  I should run the
'Install' step again.  Wow, dselect did the right thing and got the
missing files.  It was even able to continue the downloads from the
point in each file where the connection timed out!  (slicker than owl

Next on the to do list, find latest the gnome packages for slink
(anyone know the urls?) and find out how to configure enlightenment. 
(Like what are all those icons that point to stuff I havn't set up yet
and how to configure what icons I really want).  Will visit the
enlighenment web site as the man pages that came with the package are useless.
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