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Re: ITP: gcc-m68k-gnu

On Tue, Sep 07, 1999 at 12:17:52PM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Edward Brocklesby writes:
>  > Package: gcc-m68k-gnu
>  > Architecture: m68k
>  > Depends: gcc (>=, binutils
>  > Recommends: g++ (>= 2.91.60)
>  > Description: Cheap cross-compiler for GNU/Hurd.
>  >  This is a "cheap" cross-compiler based on the existing gcc and g++
>  >  from Debian 2.1, ready to do cross-compilation for the GNU/Hurd (m68k). The
>  >  only change is the specs file. Everything else is symlinks and wrappers.
> Do we need an extra source package for this? Please contact Joel
> Klecker. There is some work to provide a cross-compilation environment.

I don't know which cross compilation environment you mean (Joel?), but the
gnu cross compilers are "cheap" cross compilers.

They don't contain a full gcc binary, but use the native compiler together
with a specs file, some symlinks to the native compiler gcc-lib tree and a
wrapper script.

The source package contains "make-cross" by Gordon Matzigkeit.

because we can use the native compiler to cross compile for the Hurd, the
package is very small and the compiler works reliable.


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