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Re: DOOM Source Code License

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 07:26:55PM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > John (very quickly!) just wrote back to me and told me that any data
> > files would have to be COMPLETELY original - no pictures, floors, tiles,
> > etc can be used from the original doom wad. Of course, if we couldn't
> > find any completely Free wad files/etc, we can package the shareware
> > files in non-free (which I also told him.)
> Doesn't benefit lxdoom...
> But you can put lxdoom in contrib along with an installer for the wadfile.

That's what I originally planned to do, anyways. The benefit of lxdoom becoming
GPL means that it can be distributed - which I wasn't aware of - and lxdoom
was planning on supporting non-original wadfiles later anyways. Maybe this
could be a bit of a push to the author (or me.. I might find some time
in-between school, which starts tomorrow (!)) to enhance it to work properly.
And all the while, here are my ancient The Ultimate DOOM disks, waiting 
to get used...

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