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Re: ITR: gtk+-docs (Was: Re: gtk-tutorial)

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 09:36:20AM +0100, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, Stevie Strickland wrote:


> > Yeah, I think it came up during some discussion about gtk+-docs...
> > 
> > Speaking of which, is there anyone that would be against my asking for
> > a complete removal from potato?  It's old (Oct 30, 1998), out of date,
> > has a bug or two, and is definitely depreciated in favor of the newer
> > tutorials and RDP.  I can't volunteer to package the RDP, unfortunately,
> > due to classes (I'm trying to deal with the bugs I already have on my
> > packages), but I hope that a maintainer for it is found soon.
> > 
> > So if you have any complaints about this, let me hear them... otherwise,
> > a bug will be levied against ftp.debian.org asking for the removal of
> > gtk-docs on Tuesday...
> ISTR that RDP is far from complete, so on those grounds I object - the
> gtk docs remain very useful.

But libgtk1.2-doc has everything that gtk+-docs has, except the ones in
libgtk1.2-doc are up to date!  Remember, I mentioned earlier that the
docs in gtk+-doc are from Oct 30, 1998, and it covers GTK 1.0 - not even
one of the minor levels, I believe it covers straight 1.0.  Now, again,
if there is someone who actually wants this in here because someone is
still programming GTK 1.0 and I haven't received messages from those
that have already sent me replies changing their original position, then
I'll send the bug against ftp.debian.org, otherwise I'll just orphan the
package... let's say I'll do whichever I'll end up doing by Friday. :)


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