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Re: security.debian.org mirrors?

On Sun, Sep 05, 1999 at 12:25:54AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:

> > Now, my problem is some users don't want everything in proposed-updates. 
> > Could we _please_ have security-updates on master archive?  Just a bunch of
> Why on master?  Why not use security.debian.org?  That's one of its
> purposes.

I meant besides s.d.o, have a dists/security-updates/ section on the master
archive.  As far as I have understood this, everything on s.d.o is
(eventually) available from proposed-updates.  I understand the "uniform,
permanent URL" argument.  I just want to make it clear which updates are
strictly security related, and which ones are not.  As I have pointed out
somewhere else, there's stuff in proposed-updates which some people might
not want.

Guy, it was my understanding that everything with distribution set to
"stable" gets automatically installed on proposed-updates.  This:

> If a maintainer can upload a package without approval to either
> proposed-updates or stable, then one is no better than the other.

seems to imply that's not the case.  If that's true, how the heck did this:

selfhtml_7.0-2_i386.changes:   * /usr/share/doc

got installed there?  (BTW, this is fixed on 7.0-3, thanks Marco, but
there's a problem 7.0-3 > 7.0-2, and 7.0-3 exists only on proposed-updates
and not on potato) AFAIK, stuff is installed by hand on stable, but it's
automatically installed on proposed-updates; I'll be glad to RTFM if you
point me to it.


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