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Re: security.debian.org mirrors?

On Sun, 5 Sep 1999, Martin Schulze wrote:

> > Now, my problem is some users don't want everything in proposed-updates. 
> > Could we _please_ have security-updates on master archive?  Just a bunch of
> Why on master?  Why not use security.debian.org?  That's one of its
> purposes.

I'd rather we didn't make yet another site that needs to be mirrored. The
original understanding was that security.debian.org was for quickly
publishing updates that were already destined for stable/proposed-updates.
That means that security announcements have a fixed place to refer to the
updates and people seeking to download them also have a fixed place to get
them from.

I really do not want to have a third site that must be mirrored - that is
a tremendous amount of work. It would be much better to have a
security-updates 'dist' inside the main archive because it will
automatically be picked up by the 150 mirrors we have.


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