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recs1440.bin boot fails in SCSI init

While booting an AST Premmia LX P/60 from a resc1440.bin or resc1440-safe.bin
disk (images from the official 2.1 CD-ROM) the booting hangs during the SCSI
initialization.  It gets this far:
(scsi0) <Adaptec AHA-294X SCSI host adapter> found at PCI 14/0
(scsi0) Narrow Channel, SCSI ID=7, 16/255 SCBs
(scsi0) Downloading sequencer code... 412 instructions.

The same computer boots fine from a previous COL 1.1 kernel on its (SCSI)
hard disk.  In that case the SCSI driver is identified as aic7xxx.

An almost identical machine (more meomory, IDE hard disk) works fine from a
Slackware kernel which is a little over a year old and also uses the aic7xxx

I would be grateful for suggestion on working around this problem.

Tom Kuiper
Internet:       kuiper@DSNra.JPL.NASA.gov (
SnailMail:      Jet Propulsion Lab 169-506, Pasadena, CA 91109
Phone/fax:      (818) 354-5623/8895
WWW:            http://DSNra.JPL.NASA.gov/~kuiper/

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