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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages

> > take security issues VERY seriously.  I patched a suid security
> > problem in 5.3 when 5.4 was almost ready.  And I released a patch to
> > 5.4 within the last few months, even though 5.5 is the current version
> > and 5.6 is nearly ready.
> A. Are you speaking as the Debian maintainer, or as an upstream
> maintainer? (I am pure ignorant...)

He is a perl demigod 

> B. The version numbers you quote don't fit the versions I have been
> dealing with. (5.004, 5.004.05, and 5.005)

The squashed them

> C. Even if Alan is mistaken in his appraisal, what makes his statement 
> "vile"?

Let it drop. If 9 months ago someone had said "and Linux 2.0 is unsupported"
to me I'd have been pissed too. 

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