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Re: history (Was Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer)

Justin Penney <justin@solve.net> writes:

> About partitioning.....
> Please leave it alone. I have always had smallish hard drives and use Debian
> for my desktop (and my servers but...) I actually recommend 1 large partition
> and swap space for nearly every "user". I don't do that for myself but i have
> run inot mucho trouble because of bad predictions on my behalf. I don't want
> anyone else carving up my hard drive because it's actually wasted space to me.

Time to write a ext2resize. That way wrong partition sizes could be
corrected as needed.

> I currently have / and /home as the only seperate partitions, i keep my home
> dir and it's easy like this. How do you divide a 113? What about a 420? what
> about a 1.2 or 6.4 or 13.2? Too many variables no one way to do it.

Apart from 113 (which would need a special setup anyway) they should
all be partitioned similar. usr and home should grow with bigger
drives and var should grow depending on the packages used (like mail,
lpr, squid).

May the Source be with you.

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