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Intent to Break Things - Slang

I've been discussing with a few people on how to resolve an issue with
the slang library. (slang1 package) The problem is that the current
-dev package for slang has a shlib that says:

slang1 (<< 1.3), slang1 (>> 1.2.2-0)

The problem is that new version 1.3.x is compatible with 1.2 so the 
"<< 1.3" is unnecessary.  One solution is to create a new slang1.3
package, but this is messy, and will get worse with newer versions.
The best solution seems to be to just upload the new version as slang1
(with a fixes shlib of course).  The drawback is that this will break
the dependencies of anything that uses slang1 until they are

To make this easier I've uploaded an new 1.2.2 slang1 with a fixed
shlib.  The slang1 dependent packages can be recompiled with this
fixing the dependency problem before I upload the 1.3.x package.

I will file bugs with the other packages so they can be recompiled.


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