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Re: Kernel 2.3.13 and PPP

>> Did you know that significant file system changes have been going into the
>> 2.3.12 and 2.3.13 patches?  2.3.11 had changes to how processes are created and
>> kernel memory management.
>Filesystem changes? 

In previous kernels VFS operations were non-reentrant.  So if you do something
that takes a lot of time in the file system then your system would not respond.
 In a uni-processor system it's not such a bad thing (if the kernel needs the
CPU then user-space just misses out).  But in SMP you want more than one
process in the kernel.  So 2.3.13 has fine grained locking.  This will be good
when it's all working, but if it doesn't work right and some data structures
aren't locked when they should be the results could be unpleasant.

>> I'm not even running 2.3.x kernels on my test machine at the moment...
>I do. I like to test it some. I still run 2.2.10 most of the time.

Run 2.2.11.  2.2.10 has some bugs that will apparently result in data
disappearing from hard drives in some situations.  I suffered an incidence of
data loss on a machine running 2.2.10 which may have been related to this
(my first data loss since kernel 1.3.35).

My contract ends next week.  I'd be happy to do a week's work in the US for
a round-trip air-fare and all expenses.

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