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Re: Kernel 2.3.13 and PPP

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, Michael Meskes wrote:
>Anyone tried this combination? It seems pppd refuses to start because it
>thinks the kernel has no ppp support. Did I miss something or is this a
>incompatibility we have to take care about?

Did you know that significant file system changes have been going into the
2.3.12 and 2.3.13 patches?  2.3.11 had changes to how processes are created and
kernel memory management.
I'm not even running 2.3.x kernels on my test machine at the moment...

If you're doing kernel development then 2.3.x is worth trying.  Otherwise it's
probably not a good option at the moment.

Here's a section from the 2.3.13 patch:

-- PPP                    2.3.5                   ; pppd --version
+- PPP                    2.3.9                   ; pppd --version
 - Util-linux             2.9i                    ; chsh -v
 Upgrade notes
@@ -390,8 +390,8 @@
-   Due to changes in the routing code, those of you using PPP
-networking will need to upgrade your pppd.
+   Due to changes in the PPP driver and routing code, those of you
+using PPP networking will need to upgrade your pppd.

This is in ftp://cs.anu.edu.au/pub/software/ppp/ppp-2.3.9.tar.gz

Looks like you need pppd 2.3.9, and I expect that this is a Debian issue as
kernel 2.4.0 will need a newer pppd too.  However 2.4.0 may need pppd 2.4.0 so
there's probably no point in doing it now.

It seems that they are trying to have a single copy of the core PPP code for
use on async and sync lines.  Maybe they even plan to make multi-link over
async a reality too.  Check out the patch to see what they have done.

My contract ends next week.  I'd be happy to do a week's work in the US for
a round-trip air-fare and all expenses.

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