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Re: KDE debs

On Thu, Aug 12, 1999 at 10:10:34AM -0500, Matthew R. Pavlovich wrote:
> Is there an apt source for slink kde debs?  
> When is KDE going to be integrated back into the distro?  Recompile
> everything w/ qt 2.0?

Not quite then.  It seems that the KDE team is marching their code to
Artistic license one piece at a time.  When it's all been moved, it'll
probably already be qt 2.0 based.  At that point it can all go into main.

I didn't have a chance to talk to the KDE people at LinuxWorld again
before I left but that IS what they've indicated.  They are at least quite
aware of the GPL compatibility problem but have decided not to really push
the change at this time, a decision I'm not terribly thrilled about
personally but I don't have access to bop the person in question.

I'm also not pleased with their choice of licenses (Artistic? yuk!) but
it's their choice to make.  And perhaps it's better they use that
realizing the risk of proprietarization than writing yet another license
to keep track of.  It's at least easier everyone else.

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