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Re: TCL/TK-problem with wordnet

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Nathaniel Smith wrote:

> > Package: tcl7.6
> > Status: install ok installed
~# dpkg --remove tcl7.6
dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of tcl7.6:
 uudeview depends on tcl7.6.
 tk4.2 depends on tcl7.6.
dpkg: error processing tcl7.6 (--remove):
 dependency problems - not removing
Errors were encountered while processing:

... I don't know how, but there is a way which keeps tcl7.6 and
tcl8.0 staying side by side and let programs like uudeview running.

> These two packages are not complementary -- IIRC, they use alternatives
> so that only one is ever used at a time.  Check your setup to see which
> one is being called (ls -l /etc/alternatives/wish should give you an idea).
> My guess is that you have tcl7.6 as the default, which is outdated.  If
> so, you probably want to remove tcl7.6 and just have tcl8.0 installed
> (and the appropriate tk package as well, of course).
So removing of tcl7.6 isn't a good idea because some packages depend
from it.  Also 

~> ls -l /etc/alternatives/wish
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root           20 Aug  2 16:07 /etc/alternatives/wish -> /usr/bin/wishstep8.0

the default tcl interpreter is tcl8.0.  Furthermore wordnet breaked
after installing a new tcl8.0 package.  Before installing this new
package it worked well with tcl8.0.

So I see two solutions:

1) Some TCL guru could have a look at the program to fix the bug,
   which should be not very hard in my opinion.
2) I have to make wordnet depend from tcl7.6 which is outdated as
   you mentioned and I would really dislike this.  Furthermore I
   have to check, how to make wordnet call the correct (7.6)
   interpreter which is not the default one.

Kind regards


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