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intent to package tex documentation

Some months ago, someone suggested that we should have more TeX documentation
available than is provided by the teTeX distribution (tetex-doc package).  I
said I'ld offer to look into CTAN (the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) and
other sites to see whether it seemed a good idea.

I'm not entirely convinced, but there is some documentation in INFO and HTML
formats that isn't currently provided in tetex-doc.  Would Debian
users/developers find it useful to package this?

Here are the categories of documents that I suggest packaging, mainly from
CTAN or the texlive CD.  There would be two packages (probably) - one for HTML
and one for INFO documents.  (Most of the HTML documents are generated
originally from texinfo or latex sources.)

1. docs for macro packages and tex-related programs that are provided in
tetex-base/tetex-bin, but without info/html documentation (eplain, etex,
bibtex etc)

2. info/html versions of some guides (including the latex configuration and
font guides etc, which have been converted to html for texlive but are only in
DVI/latex format in tetex-doc)

3. other general info/html documents (eg, on Word/WP/RTF-to-TeX converters)

I've not thought of a package name yet - I've been working with 'ctan-doc' but
not all the docs are from CTAN, so perhaps just 'tex-doc-html' and

Please CC any replies to me.  Ta.


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