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Re: Network configuration proposal: little summary

On Fri, Aug 06, 1999 at 11:12:28AM -0400, Brian Mays wrote:
>     Rene> Now there is question to the maintainers of the pcmcia, isdn
>     Rene> and ppp related packages: Would you like have the options
>     Rene> integrated with the network interface configuration ?
> If you can develop your tool so that running
>    toolname pcmcia <device> <scheme>

	ifup -s <scheme> <device>
and	ifdown -s <scheme> <device>

work right now, btw. I'm using them on my laptop as we speak. ("beep".
"beep beep". See? Live demonstration. ;)

There's an extremeley basic /etc/pcmcia/network replacement amongst
the comments in /etc/network/interfaces.

This isn't necessarily ready for prime-time inclusion in pcmcia*.deb,
(in particular it doesn't duplicate all that network.opts copes with as
conveniently just yet) but the possibility's there nevertheless.


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