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Re: Potato, Kernel 2.2 -> 2.4

> Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> > 
> > I have wanted to try the 2.2 series myself (I won't until the official
> > 2.2.11 comes out with the file corruption fix finally in).  I am afread
> > to do this on top of slink because I don't want to break anything.
> > There have been some HowTo's on what the 2.2 series changes over the
> > 2.0 series, but I would feel better with an offical Debian approved
> > kernel upgrade method.  In light of the proposed rapid development of
> > the 2.3-2.4 series kernel such an upgrade should be kept on the back
> > burner for potato (to avoid the snickers from the RedHat/SuSe/Caldera
> > crowd.)

	For what it is work, 2.2 kernels work just fine with slink. I
downloaded the source for 2.2.9 from one of the kernel mirrors, untarred
it in /usr/src, configured it, ran make-kpkg on it, and installed the
resulting deb file. Rebooted, and the machine is now running a 2.2 kernel.
I have it on two machines, K6-2 350 machines I use as X workstations, and
they have been rock solid as any good linux machine. A complaint now and
then about the NFS server from the kernel (an Alpha running Debian 2.1 and
2.0.35, servering /home), but nothing major. 
	So, unless I am missing something, 2.2 will not break slink. My
two cents.

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