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Re: Proposal: Network configuration file format

Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote:
> I have two concerns:
>    * Supporting laptop users that require alternate configurations.
>      The pcmcia package supports this to a degree.  Any new scheme
>      should have similar capabilities and be useable by this
>      package.
Agreed. How would you integrate it in the current structure (and please
feel free to change my proposal if you think it helps) ?
>    * The configuration system should fully support all options that
>      the standard tools do.
This is definitely one of my main goals. When you see some options that
are not integrated in the structure, please let me know. I would be glad
to integrate all possible configuration options for fine-tuning a
machine. I think I will stick to "ip" ,"ipchains" and "ipmasqadm" for
the first stage. Mabye support for "ifconfig" will be integrated altough
it is outdated.

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