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Intent to package insight

Hi all.

Cygnus have just released another front end to GDB called "insight".
The full details are available at:


With source from:


There is no current "official" release available, just development
snapshots.  I intend to provide unofficial .debs of the snapshots for
the time being (at a location to be announed), but would like to see
insight in debian once there is an official release.

The insight source actually includes gdb (and the resulting binary is
named "gdb").  If $DISPLAY is set, you get the gui, otherwise (or if
invoked with "-nw") you get the console version.  What is the best way 
of handling this?  Renaming the final binary?

Although I am not currently a maintainer, Anthony Towns has offered to 
sponsor me.

Comments/suggestions/merciless flames?


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