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Re: Intent to package bzflag

At 09:51 AM 8/4/99 -0700, Steven Work wrote:
>3. Redistribution and use of modified source and binary forms are
>permitted provided that at least one of the following conditions are
>B. Use of the modified version is restricted to within the corporation
>or organization that made the modifications. 

>                A. Modifications are placed in the public domain or are
>                   made available under this license, or permission to use
>                   the modifications is granted to the Copyright Holder.

which is sort of what other DFSG licenses (GPL, Artistic) require.

>[...more restrictive terms elided...]
>This is far outside the Debian Free Software Guidelines (and of the
>terms of use for the "Open Source" trademark, which is liberally
>brandished on the program's home page).  I'd be surprised if you could
>package the thing without violating its license terms.
>Bad license.  Bad license.

I don't think you read it close enough. It looks yet another version of the
One True Free Software License.

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